Photo Fredericton

Competition Rules

Here are the latest competition rules:

Photo Fredericton hosts a number of Competitions during the season, as well we compete as a club in a couple of CAPA competitions. We also have a number of Critique Nights where people can share their photos and get feedback from other members without a score. Here are details of our projected image competitions.

For each Competition, there are a panel of 3 judges which are pre-selected by the Competition coordinator. These judges are selected based on their photography experience, their photography ability and/or their ability to critique an image.

Members who wish to participate can submit 2 images to be judged for each competition.

  • The image should have been made in the past 12 months.
  • If the competition has a theme and the image doesn’t seem to fit the theme, the judges will likely give it a lower mark or not mark it at all.
  • Submitted Image size: 2000 pixels on the long side, jpgs preferred. (ie. A standard 4×6 shaped photo will translate to about 1333×2000 pixels)
  • The images will need to be emailed to the competition coordinator by the submission date (usually 2 weeks before the competition). They can also be brought to the meeting before the competition on a memory stick. Please name the files FirstName.Lastname01.jpg, FirstName.Lastname02.jpg (e.g. Andre.Reinders01.jpg)

The images will be shown on the Competition meeting night where the judges will read the scores and comment on a few items for each photo.

The Annual Overall Competition will total all the scores from all the season’s competitions. This year there are 4 Competitions, 3 ‘in-house’ and one at the end of the year having results provided at the AGM. Given there are 4 Competitions and 2 Submissions each, a member can enter 8 images, for a total maximum score of 80. (Images are scored out of 10 by each of the 3 judges and then averaged to a score out of 10 for that entry.)