Photo Fredericton


Photo Fredericton Competitions are held usually monthly, these competitions are a friendly way to show your photographs in a mildly competitive manor. Two of our competitions are in conjunction with CAPA competitions and the winners of our in house competitions will be forwarded to compete with other clubs across Canada within CAPA. The themes are to get you thinking creatively and we encourage our photographer to try and get out and shoot something on theme that is recent over pulling from older archives. Though this is not strictly enforced as we know time and schedule do not always allow one to get out and shoot when the time is available.

Our judging is done in house allowing everyone who wishes to to take part in the judging of the club members images. The focus it to encourage members to look constructively and not emotionally at the images being shown. Also to engage the club in positive critique and discussion about photography.

If one wishes to share their recent images but this is allowed and the non judged images will be shown at the end of the competition. Images are brought on the competition night on a jump drive. A max of two images are allowed distributed between the two options: judged or non judged. It is perfered that images be at least 1024 on the longest side and please name the files FirstName.LastName01.jpg.

Things to look for

Scoring guidelines

4-5 Poor with serious faults

6-7 Fair to Good

8 Excellent

9-10 Exceptionally good with WOW factor

Scoring approaches


Mentally give each image the maximum score than subpart points for weak or failed elements.


Give each image a number of points for each successful element.


Start each image at 5 o6 then subtract points for weak elements and add points for strong ones.

Last Modified: 08/29/2018