October 2017 Competition: Nature

Thank you to all who participated! The following are the top scoring images of the evening, congratulations to everyone.

(credit and score after each photo)

First Place by Chris (28/30)


Tied for Second place by Jane (27/30)


Tied for Second place by Devon (27/30)


Tied for Second place by Andre (27/30)


Tied for Third place by Andreas (26/30)


Tied for Third place by Gary (26/30)


Tied for Third place by Ellen (26/30)

CAPA Competition Results

Congratulations to our entrants!

Here are the results:

Denise Trask – Trapped in Time       25.5

Janet Crawford – Ice storm                23

Gary Farrah – Electric Fence             22

Julie Ann Moore – Solitaire                22

Jane Smith – Alter Ego                         21.5

Clay Merrithew – Back Alley              20.5



Next Competition – Reflections (entries due by tomorrow March 14th)

Just a reminder that the entries for the next competition “REFLECTIONS” are due by the end of the day tomorrow. You can bring your images to the meeting tomorrow night.

Theme definition “Reflections”:

Reflections in a shiny material like glass, water, mirror, etc. where the reflection is a prominent part of the overall image.

Examples: http://www.noupe.com/inspiration/photography/44-impressive-examples-of-reflection-photography.html

February 2017 Competition Theme (CAPA) : Digital Creative Altered Reality

The Club will be entering the Canadian Association for Photographic Art Club competition in February 2017. Entries are due on February 14. We will be viewing the results at our Club meeting on February 28. We will be entering the ” Digital Creative Altered Reality ” Competition.

Please note that only paid up members of Photo Fredericton are eligible to submit photos.

Scope of Competition:

The definition of creative altered reality is defined as “allows the photographer freedom to explore the possibilities of photographic art through the extensive manipulation of images and combination of images, but the photographic content must predominate. An entrant may alter images either digitally or otherwise and art work or computer graphics which must have been created by the entrant may be incorporated, but the photographic content should predominate. Additional content or layers must be the original work of the entrant. Images created totally electronically (with no photographic origin) are specifically excluded. Black and White, Split toning, monochrome and colour images are acceptable.” For this competition, there must be obvious manipulation which may change natural color, form,  This competition provides an opportunity for entrants to display their creativity using their photography and editing skills. Check out our website
http://capacanada.ca/galleries/competitions/ )
and use the Next Screen button to locate the winning images from the 2016 Altered Reality Individual and Club Competitions.
Editing Criteria
Open Editing
All in camera, on camera and post processing techniques are permitted. This includes combining multiple images and elements in a final image. However, all components of the final image must have been taken by the Entrant.

For details on the format that each photo must follow, please go to the CAPA website and see their Competition Guide.